Central Maine Bassmasters

Congratulations Rich Dorr and Kevin Busch on making the 2017 state team!!!

2017 members from left to right:

Kevin M, Josh B, Dennis G, Greg H, Sean D, Scott L, Kevin B, Rich D, Justin G, Craig C, and Dana C.

2017 members not present:  Wayne M, Joe B, Mike H, and Charlie G.



Who We Are:


Central Maine Bassmasters is a B.A.S.S affiliated club located in Durham, Maine but our members reside in a variety of towns throughout the state. All of our club members have a membership in a nationwide fishing association called B.A.S.S. Nation.  B.A.S.S Nation is a global network of clubs that specialize in a wide variety of activities including tournaments, conservation, and youth programs.


Central Maine Bassmasters meets on a monthly basis, setting aside a few hours to discuss new fishing lures, techniques, equipment and upcoming events; whether that is tournaments or fundraising.  We take great pride in the time we invest into giving back to the lakeside communities cleaning up shoreline areas or the time is spent with the youth encouraging a healthy fishing lifestyle.


For many consecutive years running, Central Maine Bassmasters has received several awards honoring us as the club that contributed the most for youth and conservation by the Maine Bass Federation!  We have and always will set our sights even higher every year and 2017 is no exception!!


Central Maine Bassmasters also hosts an “open” tournament on China Lake every year where some of the proceeds from this tournament benefits the Pine Tree Camp located here in Maine.


If you fish and love the outdoors, please join us for a meeting or two!  You do not have to own a boat to join our club as we have many boaters and non-boaters.   We look forward to meeting all of you either at a meeting or on the lake.


What We Do:


Most people think of a fishing club as, cast a line & catch a fish…or not, but Central Maine Bassmasters is more than just a fishing club.  Each year we organize events to keep our boat launches and lakes clean.  We spend many hours scouring the shorelines collecting trash to keep it clean, along with collecting excess fishing line that may have been left behind or stuck on a log.  Not only does collecting this line save our propeller, but it also saves small animals that could become entangled in it.  We also participate in the B.A.S.S Nation Rebaits program by recycling all of the plastic baits used in tournaments, eliminating them from ever entering our waters.  These programs are just a few of the things that we do to keep our environment clean. 


Some of our proudest moments are at the Pine Tree Camps on North Pond in Maine’s Belgrade Lakes region.  On a designated Saturday in the summer, each of our boaters takes the youth campers out for a period of time throughout the day.  Our boaters ensure that every child has a chance to fish if they choose or just simply enjoy the ride in a fully equipped bass fishing boat on the beautiful waters of North Pond.  Prior to this event, many hours have been spent raising money and collecting donations that are donated to the camp as well. 


CENTRAL MAINE BASSMASTERS= Fishing, family, friends, community, youth and conservation!!  If you would like to be a part of our club, please contact Charlie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...TIGHT LINES!!!!


This spring, we all lost a close and dear friend....Mike Duricko.  He passed away in his sleep at age 66 after battling cancer and will be sorely missed.  Mike was our longest member in the club, joining in 1986 and had held every position in the club at least once.  Mike was the type of person that could be counted upon to be at every function that the club participated in and loved sharing the camaraderie that the club provided.  We enjoyed being with him throughout the years and will surely miss him as we go along.  

                                                             In memory of:

                                                            Michael Duricko

                                                               1950 - 2017



In Memory Of:

Chester M. 'Chuck' Ward JR.

1943 -2013

 Chuck Ward was a longtime member of Central Maine and was also an avid proponent of our youth and conservation projects, serving as youth director for several years.  Chuck was an active member in both the club and the Federation, always ready to lend an ear to the conversation as well as inject his opinion.  Chuck enjoyed fishing very much but really enjoyed spending time with the members off the water as well.  Chuck passed away in 2013 from cancer and is sorely missed!!!